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Barn Raising

The Warren County FFA Alumni is working to raise funds to build a large animal barn on the school grounds at WCHS. The purpose of this barn is to better provide the necessary tools for our students and teachers to meet the requirements set in their state-provided curriculum. One day our hope is to be able to build both a large animal barn and add-on to/build a small animal lab. Because we already have a small animal lab in functional use, we are putting our efforts towards building the large animal barn first.

The construction of these buildings will be done in phases.
Phase one will consist of pouring the concrete, putting a structure in place and getting water and electricity to the barn location.
Phase two will be finishing the inside of the barn. This includes adding stalls, rooms and any additional interior structural work that needs to be constructed.
Phase three will be constructing exterior fencing, cattle shoots, outside waterers, etc. 
Once these phases have been completed, we will move on to focusing our efforts on the small animal lab. With updates to the small animal lab, we will add much needed space to the lab so as to provide a better learning environment as well as a healthier environment for the animals. Students will be able to learn how to perform various care routines on their animals such as grooming, various vaccinations, etc.



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