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On Friday, November 17th at 6:00 pm, the Warren County FFA Alumni will be hosting a "Barn Raising Auction" in the Warren County High School Cafeteria. All proceeds will be going towards building a large animal barn on the school grounds. This barn will better enable our students and teachers to better meet the state standards that have been set for their curriculum. The list of items to be auctioned-off grows almost daily.




Alumni Live/Silent Auction

Donated Items

  1. Limousine Show Heifer- Jimmy Walker

  2. ½ of 600-800lb grain fed beef- Keith and Holly Bain in memory of Wayne Bain

  3. 3 Hours Lawncare- Skylark Landscapes- Philip Smith

  4. 2 Fire Pits- WCHS AG Shop Students

  5. Stacked Horseshoe Pumpkins- WCHS AG Shop Students

  6. Horseshoe Christmas Tree- WCHS AG Shop Students

  7. Welded Flowers (3)- WCHS AG Shop Students

  8. Horseshoe Coat Rack- WCHS AG Shop Students

  9. Railroad Spike Star- WCHS AG Shop Students

  10. Car Radio/Stereo- Riverside Customs- Wade Whitmore

  11. Large Mineral Feeder- Helton Inc

  12. Small Mineral Feeder- Helton Inc

  13. Bunk Feeder- Helton Inc

  14. Silhouettes- Helton Inc

  15. Bird Feeders (6 boxes)- Tractor Supply

  16. Paula Deen Basket- Alan and Erika Northcutt

  17. Thanksgiving Basket- Katherine Reed

  18. Sweet Treats Basket- Danielle Smith

  19. Trailer Lighters - Tractor Supply

  20. Bath and Body Works- Nedra Davenport

  21. Baked Item

  22. TOPZ Gift Card- TOPZ Owners

  23. Autozone Emergency Car Kit- Autozone

  24. O’Reilly’s Socket Set

  25. Golsby Sausages

  26. FFA Throw- Katherine Reed

  27. FFA Member Signs- Katherine Reed

  28. Handpainted Barnwood Signs

  29. Paintings

  30. Driveway Pressure Washing- Officer team boys

  31. Plants- Mary’s Greenhouse

  32. 2 $25 Gift cards- Mid Tenn Building Supply

  33. Dr. Pepper Cooler- Dr. Pepper

  34. Dog Food- Valley Feed

  35. Signs by Sara Sign- Sara Nuchols

  36. 30 Minute Photo session- Captured Moments

  37. $30 fresh flowers- All O’ksions

  38. Country Ham- Teresa Green

  39. Furry Tails Basket- Furry Tails

  40. Hay Ring-  David Sneed

  41. Lunch Cool and Tire gauge- Bridgestone

  42. Caney Fork Basket- Caney Fork

  43. FFA Cookbooks- Northcutt Farms

  44. 2520 John Deere model tractor-  Northcutt Farms

  45. IH Farmall FFA Tractor- Northcutt Farms

  46. Teacher’s Center Gift Certificate- Teachers center

  47. 4 Meal Tickets- Crisp Springs Market

  48. 10ft feed trough

  49. Oil Change- Hullets

  50. TN Sign and Jelly- Angela Rigsby Bond and Family

  51. 2 Tons of Pea Gravel- Billy Wood

  52. Heavy Duty Hay Ring- H&H Gate Sales

  53. Cedar Handmade Porch Swing- David and Vickie Northcutt

  54. Ben Lomand Basket- Ben Lomand

  55. Boker FFA Knife- in honor of Gene Hale and the Vietnam Veterans of America

  56. Quilt ladder- Lee Baker

  57. Campfire basket- LaJuana Baker

  58. Happy Yapper Basket- Dallas Powers Neal

  59. Horseshoe and Wood Coat Hanger- LaJuana Baker


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