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Meeting Notes

October 3, 2017 Alumni, Advisors, Chapter Officers
Posted By: Erika Northcutt   11/15/2017
  1. Fruit Sale: The Alumni will help sell. This year’s goal is to sell an entire truck load.

  2. Auction: The date for the auction is set for November 17th. The auction will begin at 6:00 pm. All proceeds will go towards the building of the barn for classroom use.

  3. If you would like to bring a tractor or something else to Ag Day on November 17th, contact Mrs. Ford, Coach Upton or Mrs. Smith.

  4. Coach Upton has asked for any sort of metal that is not being used to be donated to the welding classes. He specifically mentioned old horseshoes, plows or other types of scrap metal.

  5. Barn: The main purpose of building this barn is to set it up in a way so that it can be used not only to house animals for short periods of time but most importantly to use it as a hands on classroom. The State has set standards for the various Ag classes, and it is extremely difficult to teach certain topics without the ability to actually do the tasks on both large and small animals. As stated in the meeting, “There is only so much you can teach in a slideshow.” This will allow students a hands-on opportunity to learn which we all know is extremely important.

  6. Election:

    1. President- Alan Northcutt

    2. Vice President- Katherine Green Reed

    3. Secretary- Erika Northcutt

    4. Treasurer- Chris David



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