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Chapter Updates

The new theme for this year is Ignite FFA!

So ignite others as well as yourself to do better for this coming year!


Posted By: Nate Baker   2/19/2014

Hey warren county FFA Team Spenser Day is tomorrow so don’t forget. And we will have the Team Spenser bracelet they will be on sale tomorrow for $5.


Posted By: Lucas Patterson   2/4/2014
Hey y'all it's your 2013-2014 warren county FFA sentinel! I would just like to remind seniors to make sure they pick up or fill out any ag scholarships as well as local scholarships! You can go by guidance and they will be more than happy to give you any scholarships you are eligible for or interested in! Good luck!
Club Pictures!
Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   1/22/2014
Warren Co. FFA Members, tomorrow is club picture day! Make sure to wear your chapter shirt or an FFA shirt! ??
Christmas Break
Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   12/18/2013
We hope everyone has a great Christmas break! Be safe and see you next year! :)
Recap of Chapter Meeting
Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   11/20/2013
  • Fruitwill be delivered within the first two weeks of December.
    • Tentative date: Tuesday December 10th.
    • 5 points for selling less than 10 items 15 points for selling more than 10 items
  • Christmas partyDecember 6th, during lunch.
    • Chili and soup will be provided.
    • Bring food! It will be greatly appreciated, Sign up in your Ag teacher’s room. 1 point will be given for each item you bring in.
    • WE NEED: hotdog buns, ketchup,mustard, napkins, bowls, plates, cups, finger foods (sandwiches, chips, pigs in the blanket, etc.)
  • Donations for Christmas for Kids Project
    • Bring in money and gifts to give the children the Christmas they deserve!
    • Money is due: Tuesday Nov. 26
    • UNWRAPPED gifts are due: Tuesday Dec. 3
    • We will be doing a Christmas store forthe children- NEEDED: hats, gloves, scarves, lotion, etc.
    • Size and wish list are available through your Ag teachers
    • We also need: wrapping paper, tissuepaper, gift bags, name tags, empty boxes and tape.
  • CDE’s-
    • If you are interested in LIVESTOCK and NURSERY see MRS.SMITH. (not till the spring)
    • If you are interested in DAIRY, POULTRY, MEATS, and FLORICULTURE see MRS.MILLER.(not till the spring)
    • If you are interested in PREPARED, EXTEMPORANEOUS,or CREEDSPEAKING (freshmen) see MRS. FORD (SEE HER ASAP, Happening now!)
  • Congratulations to theMembers of the Month!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • This award is for the most active boyand girl in the respected months.
    • September: Erin Cantrell and AustinBarry
    • October: Brianna Cooke and MatthewCarter
  • Thank you to all the members who came out today!
Ag Awareness Day
Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   10/1/2013
We want to make Ag day as fun as possible and by that we also need it to run smoothly! So please help do this by following the rules that were told in the post below if you have any questions ask any of the advisors!! Hope everyone is excited to make this Ag Awareness Day as fun as possible! Also remember the money made for Ag Day whether it be off the ag day shirts or any other money made during that day will be going to the Juvenile Diabetes Fund! Thank you for your support!
Ag Awareness Day
Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   10/1/2013
Ag Awareness Day is October the 11th!!! That is a week from this Friday!!! Make sure if you are bringing an animal that you need to bring panels as there are only a limited number of them for use. It is first come first serve for panels! If you are also bringing something to ag day, you should have been at the mandatory meeting Monday where we went over all the rules.
Remember: -Tractors need to meet at designated area where Coach Upton will line you up. DO NOT go across the band field 
                    and park yourself or you will get in trouble and feel the wrath of Coach Upton. 
                    -Take the bailer spike off the tractor if you can before coming, if you do not they will be taken off or arranged so
                    that no one will get hurt.
                    -If you are bringing a horse you need to give Mrs. Ford a negative coggins test before Ag day!
                     Also, the horses will NOT be ridden, they will have to stay in their pens. The only one who will be giving horse rides
                    will be Mrs. Ford for the Hickory Creek kids. The horses WILL NEED to be in pens, not tied to a trailer or on a 
                    lead rope. This also goes for all the other animals brought to ag day.
                    -If you do bring an animal/tractor you need to stay with them throughout the whole day. 
                    -YOU are responsible if your tractor breaks, a tire gets damaged or if someone gets hurt. If the animal hurts
                    someone or gets hurt, you are also responsible.

Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   9/4/2013

FFA dues will now be taken by any of the four advisors (Miller, Smith,
Ford and Upton). The dues are set at $20.00. THIS MONEY IS
NOT WASTED. So if you think that its a waste to pay $20,
then remember that this money is divided up to
National, State and Local to help fund the
FFA Activities and Events throughout the year.
Please consider paying these dues and get involved
 in your local FFA chapter! Speak to the advisors
or chapter officers for more information!!


Posted By: Katelynn Cammack   9/3/2013

Your 2013-2014 Warren County FFA Chapter Officers!
President- Mindy King
Vice-President- Nate Baker
Secretary- Martin Grissom
Reporter- Katelynn Cammack
Treasurer- Mariana Ruiz
Sentinel- Lucas Patterson



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